Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Some Past Projects

I said I would post pics of my previous projects and purchases so while I have some time on my hands I'll add a couple.

I bought this bed from ebay and it was a dark green colour with brass knobs.


I spray painted it 'Heirloom White' (which I think means cream)! It was hard work and took a few coats but well worth it. Looks lovely in our bedroom. Just need to make some fabric hearts to hang from the knobs.

bed after

Then we have some of my favourite purchases. The Cath Kidston curtain I bought from ebay and was lucky enough for it to be local so didn't have to pay for postage. It's huge but has a join down the middle so I (at some point) will alter it into a pair of curtains to go in my bedroom. Just waiting to find a thrify brass curtain pole as at the moment we have those hideous 'tape measure' blinds. Yuck! Oh, by the way, it cost me £11!!


The other pair of curtians are Laura Ashley and were £3 (I think) from a charity shop. As the are the wrong size for any of my windows I am trying to decide wether to make pretty things from the fabric or to sell as they are.

Ok, one more for today. This is a makeover of my bedroom lamp. It was originally brown suede-like material all over. Got a cheap base from ebay and covered the shade with Globaltex 'Tilly'. Looks even better now it has a matching doorstop!

Before (sorry about the dodgy pic)!
Lamp Before


I won't bore you with any more for now! ;)

Party Planning

My daughter Izzy is turning 2 on Friday so I am in the throes of planning her cake and party. I am a beginner with fancy cakes but if all goes well I shall create something respectable enough to post a picture of!

Unfortunately there will be no car boot action for me in the next few days as the car is broken (I'm sure the mechanic who has it would disagree with my terminology) which is really annoying as I have a huge list of things I am looking out for and it is only getting longer.

Anyway, here are a few bits I have bought recently;

2 books to add to the collection - my first with a dust jacket!

I have been lusting after these for a while and could no longer resist

Something pretty to cover the ugly Virgin box in my bedroom

A little pretty vase - a bargain at 10p!

Plus I made another doorstop, this time for myself! Haven't filled it yet though as all my rice is gone!


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Thought I'd write a quick post while I was having a cuppa.....


....in my new (huge) CK mug! With 20% off in Debenhams it would have been rude to just walk past it!

Then I found this recipe book holder in a CS for £1.80. Just needs a good scrub and a lick of paint. I have been looking for one for a while, just glad I chose not to buy the one I saw at a boot sale a few weeks ago for £10.


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Doorstops and Disappointment......

I now have a job working weekends so my first thought was obviously, 'when will I go to boot sales'?! So off I went on Monday to a late starter (11.30) hoping it would be full of delights. A perfect first day out for my new trolley. But alas, I was the only shopper in field of around 8 tables! My poor trolley didn't even touch the grass. Plan B is one on Thursday which will hopefully be bigger and better!

Today I made a doorstop from this tutorial. It's a present for my mother in law but I really want one for myself now!


Thursday, 18 June 2009

Well, here it is! My very first blog post. I knew tweaking backgrounds, templates, fonts etc was just an excuse to delay posting so I'm forcing myself to type!

I am hoping this blog will give me the motivation I need to get started on the ever growing list of projects I have. Mainly revamping old furniture and sewing things with pretty fabrics with a dollop of thrifting in between.

Anyway, bad start as no projects have been started today but I did purchase something pretty that will come in handy when I go to the next boot sale.


I want to add that everything I have done so far (which I will post pics of in the near future), everything I am planning to do and creating this blog has all been inspired by those in the list of blogs I follow and the brilliant ladies at The Shabby Chic Cafe who are all incredibly talented.