Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas everyone in Blogland!

Now the presents have been received I can actually show some of them on here. Only the ones I remembered to take photos of though!

These were my first ever attempts at making Sock Monkeys and they were received well by my two sisters-in-law. I'm impressed with how easy they were and have a feeling I will be making many more in the future. Especially as Miss. P seemed to like them!

A jewellery roll for my Grandma using the CK pattern from 'Sew'.

A passport cover for my brother's girlfriend using some LA fabric and pink candy stripe. I might have to make one for myself too!

Bunting for my twin nephews which was almost left half done but I remembered very late Christmas eve and it was finished early Christmas morning! Whoops!

Plus for those not so easy to sew for (otherwise known as the men of the family), edible treats were made thanks to some Nigella recipes.

I think my first 'Handmade Christmas' was a success and will be repeated for 2010 but I think I will be starting much earlier than mid November this time! Panic over and lesson learned!

Friday, 18 December 2009

In the Lane Snow is Glistening

This is what my part of the world looked like this morning. Wouldn't it be lovely if it was the same next Friday?!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Birthday Treats!

It was my birthday this week and I treated myself to a trip to London to visit the Queen......of Shabby Chic!

Filled with so many beautiful things and so few were offered the privilege of returning home with me. The window display was so pretty and colourful.

A lovely tree but can't imagine Mr. P ever allowing a pink one in the house!

Unfortunately there were breakages. It has been glued and will be my 'special' mug that cannot be held by the handle. Only for warm tea then!

These pretty tea towels are now hanging in my kitchen but Mr. P was firmly reprimanded when he tried to use one! I don't think I could cope with seeing them dirty!

Another birthday treat was this Laura Ashley bed linen that I have been lusting after for quite some time. It even made it onto my 'must haves' down the right hand side of my blog. Apologies for the picture but I threw it over my bed straight from the packet to take piccies.

Isn't it beautiful?!

We also paid a visit to Liberty and all I could afford to bring home was a bauble for the tree which Miss. P was pleased to help with. Although she does prefer removing them to hanging them up.

Today I popped into a CS I rarely visit and got lucky. Can you guess what it is?

I have never found any CK in a CS before so I was obviously quite pleased......

......especially when I spied the price tag! Bargain!

Also I found these baubles for 60p although I don't really want them on the tree. Will have to find somewhere else for them to go.

And finally, I couldn't resist this cute little pincushion for 50p. I wonder if I will ever get around to making one for myself.

Friday, 4 December 2009

A friend of mine is pregnant and due on 22nd December so I was excited about making a present for the baby. Luckily I actually got around to it fairly quickly and made this taggy blanket using some lovely thrifted Laura Ashley fabric. Anyway, I heard her waters broke yesterday. Just waiting for more news and then I can make another present! Maybe a pink or blue one this time!

Here is my little collection of felt Christmas decorations. I finished the robin and tree yesterday. Just need to decide where to hang them.

On the Christmas tree?

Or on some string like bunting? Hmmm..........

Friday, 27 November 2009

Reversible Apron

I have loads and loads of silver pins but find them very fiddling and, if I'm honest, a bit boring! So today I got some pretty colourful ones and couldn't wait to try them out.

I managed to finish another Christmas present and it's one I can actually show on here. I made a reversible apron from my friends little boy. On one side it has a small pocket and the other side has a place to hold crayons.

I am extra proud of this as although I got some inspiration from things I'd seen on the internet, I made it completely unaided, without using a pattern or tutorial. That is quite a first for me!

At this rate I might actually get all presents made by Christmas!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Two Pleased Girls!

Miss P was a happy little girl when I took a break from my Christmas crafting to make her some little nappies for her dollies. She even sat on my lap and 'helped' me make them!

I was also very pleased when I realised my local fabric shop has a range of pretty fat quarters. I know they are not good value for money compared to buying by the metre but it means I can afford to buy a selection of designs rather than just one.

So I bought these three Christmas designs. Just need to think of something to make with them! I love the one with the trees. The Michael Miller fabric on the right is from ebay and I bought it for bunting for my twin nephews. I just wanted to show it because it's so nice and I don't get to enjoy boys fabric much!

Apart from dolly nappies and Christmas presents, I have been making these decorations which will probably be some sort of garland. I have a few more to do first but these are ready to join my unusual gingerbread man. I am finding the hand sewing to be quite theraputic.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Nothing to See Here

I haven't really had much to blog about lately. The sewing machine has been working hard and some Christmas presents have actually been finished but I can't show any photos because of prying eyes (you know who you are)!

I won Debbie's Giveaway of some lovely Fat Quarters but the makes I have planned for those can't be started until all presents are done.

So I will show this very strange looking Gingerbread Man who has been made as a decoration and should be joined soon by some equally erm....unique looking friends! Please be aware it was very late at night when I did the mouth! Ok, I'll admit, embroidery is not my strong point.

When I had a spare few minutes I patched up a pair of Izzy's jeans with a scrap of Cath Kidston. Very 'Make do and Mend'! She is now the most stylish 2 year old I know!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

A Little Bit Retro!

I have officially started preparing for the dreaded Christmas! First on the list was a stocking for Miss P and I couldn't resist this cute fabric by Alexander Henry. It's lined with some LA gingham. I'm really pleased with it and am looking forward to seeing what Father Christmas fills it with!

I was out looking for a tin to keep my loaf shaped cakes in and spotted this set of three Ladybird tins in TK Maxx. Not exactly what I was after but I couldn't resist. I love the images on them. Not sure what to keep in them yet but I'm sure I'll think of something to persuade Mr P they were an essential purchase!

Still looking for that loaf tin though!

This apron I have lusted after for a while and finally treated myself. It's made by Boojiboo and it's so cute and retro. Plus it gets me in the mood for cooking and cleaning. Well, maybe not the cleaning! There is one issue with it and that is I would now rather get my clothes grubby than the pretty apron.