Thursday, 15 October 2009

A Little Bit Retro!

I have officially started preparing for the dreaded Christmas! First on the list was a stocking for Miss P and I couldn't resist this cute fabric by Alexander Henry. It's lined with some LA gingham. I'm really pleased with it and am looking forward to seeing what Father Christmas fills it with!

I was out looking for a tin to keep my loaf shaped cakes in and spotted this set of three Ladybird tins in TK Maxx. Not exactly what I was after but I couldn't resist. I love the images on them. Not sure what to keep in them yet but I'm sure I'll think of something to persuade Mr P they were an essential purchase!

Still looking for that loaf tin though!

This apron I have lusted after for a while and finally treated myself. It's made by Boojiboo and it's so cute and retro. Plus it gets me in the mood for cooking and cleaning. Well, maybe not the cleaning! There is one issue with it and that is I would now rather get my clothes grubby than the pretty apron.

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  1. Great stocking and those tins, what a find!!
    For some reason you don't come up on my dash board even though i am a follower!?