Friday, 9 October 2009

Sew Sorry!

I have been a very bad blogger lately! Mainly due to my lack of motivation so when I heard everyone getting excited about the new Cath Kidston book 'Sew' I thought it might be just what I needed.

This is my version of the bag that came with it. It is lacking some top stitching and has some added bunching which I'm sure is not a feature on anyone elses but I am pleased with it. Plus, imagine my joy when I realised although it's quite small, the book I'm reading fits snuggly inside!

I forgot to sew on the CK label before taking pictures but that has now been remedied. I added some candy stripe lining and a cardboard base.

The button loop was a bloomin' pain to make and took me ages to turn so won't be making one of those again!

What I am most pleased with is my button holes! I have never sewn any before and after a few practice goes, I found them rather theraputic! I might just do them for fun in future.

A few weeks ago my mum and dad had the pleasure of visiting York and found themselves in the CK shop (I am very jealous)! They bought Izzy these pretty slipper socks that look so cute on her chubby little toddler legs!


  1. It looks great and I really like the lining too - I totally agree about the loop - thats why I gave up in the end! Oh and I sewed on my CK label wonky but never mind! Love those socks and chubby legs! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing those William Blake poems with me. Both poems were new yo me and I really liked both of them, especially Eternity.

    I just ordered this book on Amazon so I'm really looking forward to getting it and having a go at making that bag. Your's looks really great and I really like the lining you picked out :) xx