Tuesday, 15 September 2009

As I have been unable to make anything recently (due to a major lack of motivation) I thought I'd post pics of what I sent for the SSC August swap.

The chicken was made with Laura Ashley fabrics and I was sad to see her go! I may have to make one for myself if I ever sit at my sewing machine again!

These adorable chicken egg cosies I found in a CS where I also found some candy stripe pillowcases and other bits equally as nice. If I could remember where that CS was I would go back again!

A little ladybird made from a top my daughter never wore.

A scented UJ mini cushion from some CK and LA scraps.

I hope I get some motivation soon and start making again as I really need a new bag and have the fabric ready. Maybe the library books will give me the inspiration I need.


  1. ooh they look lovely - did you send to anyone nice!!! ;) xxxxx

  2. Hiya! The lining was really easy, you just need to it to cut the shape of two sides of the bag. If you look at the differnt bag on the next page is shows how to do the lining, and is very similar :) xx