Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Boxes, Books and a Makeover

When browsing in boots sales or charity shops I can never resist opening a tin or looking inside a box. Mostly they are empty or contain nothing I'm interested in but last boot sale I got lucky. I only stopped to buy some dressmakers scissors and pinking shears and spotted this box under a load of junk. Had to peep inside and was happy with what I found!

There were lots of lovely threads inside, all nice bright colours. Even though I mostly seem to use white thread when sewing I couldn't leave this behind so happily gave the gentleman my £1.

I'm not sure what the box is supposed to be used for. It has some slots in the back of the lid and front of the base. I thought maybe paintbrushes but if anyone does know, please do tell. Whatever it's for, I think it needs a splash of paint and maybe some nice decoupage on the lid.

I've also bought some bits from charity shops lately. These two penguin books were around 50p each. I love Of Mice and Men and have never read Lady Chatterley's Lover so have just started it as I finished reading Rebecca yesterday (which was very good by the way).

I found these two rolls of Laura Ashley pink gingham wallpaper in my favourite charity shop for 50p each. Bargain! I was going to save it until I want to decorate Izzy's bedroom but there is not enough. It's from 2003 (I think) so I'm unlikely to find more so I may sell it. Not decided yet.

Lastly, I came across this book stand for 50p in a CS. I have been looking for one for ages and of course it doesn't really go in my bedroom so I had to paint it.

I use Farrow and Ball's 'New White' and decoupaged some flowers onto the sides using some Tescos serviettes. It was my first time using F&B paint and it was lovely to work with although I only paid £1 at a boot sale. Not sure I could stretch the £15 or so for a new tin. Oh well, I'll just have to make the most of the pot I have.


  1. oooh some lovely bargains there :O) I love the makeover on the book shelf too. Gorgeous!

  2. ooo that box was a great find - i must try an get down to the carboots this weekend!! i hope the weather holds off xx

  3. I think the box contained knifes and forks originally. Nice little find.
    Oh and well done painting the book trough. They are very handy to have around.

  4. I love the make over...pretty!

    Two of my fave books.....

    ......and wow at the wallpaper.....lovely bargain!xx

  5. Love the cottons, what a fab find. And F&B paint at a CB lucy you. Love the book shelf.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  6. Hi, thanks for you lovely comment on my blog!

    I just love that gingham check LA wallpaper, that was a real find. as too was that bookshelf. xx

  7. Hi
    I just stumbled upon your blog whilst bloghopping and I just had to leave a comment to say your blog is fab and I very much enjoyed reading it.

  8. just looking over your old post, can you just do one wall in that wallpaper. would easily be enough there. i used about 1 roll and a bit to do a 12 ft wide, normal height room and that had a big pattern repeat.

    the book shelf is stunning!