Friday, 28 August 2009

More goodies!

I got another swap parcel in the post today. That's two in one week! This is the August swap from Miss_Phish at SSC. It's a lovely birdie bunting made with really pretty pink fabrics. I just need to find somewhere to hang it now.

Also this week my lovely mum sent me this book that she found hanging around the house. It has so much information in it that I don't know where to start but I think I will have a go at crochet soon.

Plus I found this book in a CS. It is full of packets, adverts and toys from the Edwardian period to the 80's. While flicking through it, I mentioned a place near Hastings called Yesterday's World that I would like to visit and he actually agreed to take me there soon! Can't wait to see all the old goodies they have there.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Cupcake Swap Goodies

This morning Mr. Postie delivered a rather pretty looking parcel! It was my cupcake swap from Louise at SSC and it was all wrapped so nicely in pink gingham.

The oven mitt I had seen before and lusted after. She must have known. There's a lovely picture frame which will be going in Izzy's room, yummy looking notecards and some cake making bits.

This gorgeous handmade cupcake is a brooch and will be taking pride of place on my bag.

Izzy has claimed this and keeps pretending to eat it! She says it's delicious.

This was my first SSC swap and it's so exciting getting something I know someone has made just for me. Thanks Louise x

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pretty Suitcase

I found this idea somewhere in Blogland but can't remember exactly where from. So whoever it was, thank you!

The suitcase from my last post is looking much prettier now although it's not very neat! I needed to use up some of my wallpaper samples anyway as dh found my stash and thinks I have way too much.

I didn't know what to do with the join so that stayed as it is but it doesn't really notice as it is now under the bed and filled with clothes. Will be doing the cream case with the blue paper next.

Dh got a little treat from a CS yesterday as I found this Lowry for 50p. I don't really like Lowrys and would prefer not to have them in the house but that's love for you!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Decoupage and Freebies

I made my first attempt at decoupage today. I bought two mannequins from Matalan for £1 but they don't really go with my bedroom so I recovered one with a pretty CK tissue. It's far from perfect but I like how it turned out and I will be doing the other one in the pink version.

I've been looking for some nice storage for overflow clothes for a while and then came across these in a charity shop for £1 each. Bargain! (The stickers say £2 but I haggled). Plus they are perfect colours to go with my blue and cream bedroom. They are a little bit musty so they are being aired and sprayed with febreeze before they take up residence under the bed!

And finally, good old Freecycle! I got this 1901 Singer today and I love it so much. Will have to hide it somewhere as I already have a 1950s one on a treadle which dh was not best pleased about me buying! Still when it's free you can't say no, can you?!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

I love my local CS!!

I went to my local charity shop (RSPCA) a few days ago and they had a sign outside saying 'Not accepting donations due to lack of space'. This could only be a good thing for bargain hunters! They're prices are very reasonable anyway but they were stacked to the rafters with bags of donations to sort through. I managed to get a few bits. A spice rack for 50p, another Enid Blyton book for my collection and a pretty floral top for Miss Pink but knew there would be more soon.

So, I went back today and was not disappointed! I got this beautifully plump eiderdown. It has a very pretty pink and green paisley design with pink on the reverse. It's only a single so will live in my bedroom until Miss P gets a proper single size bed.

The best thing of all was the price. £1.50!!! I walked all the way home with a massive grin on my face!

Going back to my EB collection, I have now written a list of which ones I own to avoid buying doubles. I'm pretty sure my 'Brer Rabbit's a Rascal' is a first edition but unfortunately it has no dust jacket so I can't be sure. What a shame.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Back to the sewing machine

After a little while of staring lovingly at my fabric stash but not actually doing anything with it, I have finally got off my bum and made something! Nothing extravagant, just a few hearts as I felt my bedknobs were looking a bit naked.

These were my first real attempt at hearts so please don't look too closely. In fact if you could squint a bit and stand back from the screen that would make me feel much better! I will get more practise soon as the wardrobe door handles are getting a little jealous.

I collected this corner cupboard from ebay for £5 but now I have it I'm not sure I like it! Will have to see what it looks like painted. I have a variety of shades of cream to choose from (exciting)! If I still don't like it when it's painted I'll have to stick it back on ebay and look for a pine one which is what I really wanted.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Always double check your makeovers!

I found this picture on my phone and thought I'd share it with you! I took it a while ago at a boot sale when I saw this rather amusing caption painted onto a chair. I do wonder if they sold it and if the new owner wonders why they can't get any peace whilst sitting in it! :)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Booty and other bits.....

I've been very ill recently with possible Swine Flu so have been stuck on the sofa with my laptop for a companion! Found lots of blogs I hadn't read before which was nice but couldn't wait to get out of the house. I was going insane. As soon as I was feeling better I dashed out to cross off some items from my 'must have' list!

I have been looking for a nice enamel jug for the bedroom but failing to find one quick enough to satisfy, I got this pretty polka dot one from Sainsburys.

Then, after reading a post on the Shabby Chic Cafe, I dashed off to Focus to buy wallpaper for the bedroom. It's one I had been umming and ahhing over for a while and when I found out it was reduced to £5 a roll I couldn't refuse. It looks like this and even Mr.P loves it. His training is coming along very well! ;)

Bought this lovely quilted bedspread from Matalan for only £30! I saw a very similar one in an antique shop a while ago (that I fell in love with) but that was £115!

Sorry the pics of it aren't that great.

Plus I saw these in Matalans sale section (there were 2 of them in the box) down from £8 to £1. Might practice some serviette decoupage on them.

Now for my boot sale booty. Bought these Emma Bridgewater tins but only one problem. I don't really like her stuff! Just bought them because surely it's a sin to ignore certain makes at boot sales. Might pop them on ebay. Not sure yet.

Added to my collection of EBs only the one on the left I already have! Must start taking out a list with me! The seller wanted 30p each (a bargain anyway I think) but as he didn't have change for £10 he took 25p for all 3!

Some candy stripe pillowcases I've been looking out for. 50p

And finally some lace to use maybe as shelf edging. Again the seller didn't have change of £10 so gave it to me for free. :)

I'm really pleased with this lot as the last few boot sales I've been to have been a bit rubbish so I feel I've had my fix for a while now!