Thursday, 6 August 2009

I love my local CS!!

I went to my local charity shop (RSPCA) a few days ago and they had a sign outside saying 'Not accepting donations due to lack of space'. This could only be a good thing for bargain hunters! They're prices are very reasonable anyway but they were stacked to the rafters with bags of donations to sort through. I managed to get a few bits. A spice rack for 50p, another Enid Blyton book for my collection and a pretty floral top for Miss Pink but knew there would be more soon.

So, I went back today and was not disappointed! I got this beautifully plump eiderdown. It has a very pretty pink and green paisley design with pink on the reverse. It's only a single so will live in my bedroom until Miss P gets a proper single size bed.

The best thing of all was the price. £1.50!!! I walked all the way home with a massive grin on my face!

Going back to my EB collection, I have now written a list of which ones I own to avoid buying doubles. I'm pretty sure my 'Brer Rabbit's a Rascal' is a first edition but unfortunately it has no dust jacket so I can't be sure. What a shame.


  1. Oh wow - I am So Jealous! An eiderdown (at a cheapy price) is high on my wish list. I'm not sure my DH will be ok with the feathers so don't want to spend lots in case.

    And yay to the EB book!

  2. LOVE the eiderdown, It's fab. Ive been looking for one like that for ages. great find.
    Luv Sophie xxxx

  3. My dh hates it! He says it's ugly. Can you believe it?! x

  4. You lucky thing!!! Men just don't appreciate such things do they?

  5. That is such a bargain!!! Love the paisley pattern.

    Love and blessings