Thursday, 19 August 2010

Little solutions to little problems

Hair clips are a big pain in the bum in this house. I've lost count of how many sets I've bought for Izzy just to end up with lots of single clips and no matching pairs.

Does anyone else suffer from this problem? Where do these clips go?!

Anyway I saw this tutorial and it's such a pretty solution.

I used a frame from a charity shop which, as it was the first one I grabbed, is not in the best condition but once painted it looked a bit better.

I loved choosing scraps for the dresses and found some denim to use for the jeans.

It was really quick and easy to make so I might make a few for friends.

Next problem..... daughter has a tiny bedroom but I love finding ways to get around this.

She recently got some chalks in a mixed box of Crayola bits and has been begging for a blackboard since. With no room for an easel I bought some blackboard paint and covered the front of her wardrobe with it.

Et voilà - one happy little girl and no extra space used! 

I had just baked cakes when I wrote this!

Friday, 6 August 2010

The Never-Ending Tea Towel

It's amazing how much you can make from just one tea towel! I had already turned my £1 CS tea towel into an apron and oven mitt and was finding it difficult to dispose of the scraps so I turned the leftover strip into a headband for Little Miss. P instead!

Shame she won't keep it on for more than 30 seconds! I still have a small strip left too so there may be hearts in my next post!

Speaking of the little girl who is the recipient of 99% of my makes, I am gradually turning her bedroom from a neutral nursery to a pink, girly bedroom.

She did have a cream and brown light shade but she now has a pretty pink one instead.

I used a delicious Robert Kaufman cupcake fabric, a pink flowery one I had lying around and some pink gingham from some of her old bedding.