Friday, 23 July 2010

Little Hands that Bake!

Little Miss Pink has recently moved into a grown-up single bed from her toddler bed and as it's a cabin bed the underneath has been transformed into a little playhouse.

As you can see she has a kitchen in there and she quite often has friends (of the stuffed variety) over for lunch and tea parties! 

She has been busy serving tea and baking cakes without the most basic of kitchen essentials so this afternoon I managed to whip up some accessories.

I found an Emma Bridgewater Tea Towel in a charity shop a while ago which was perfect for a little girl's kitchen.

I just cut the tea towel into an apron shape and sewed some bias to the raw edges. The straps are one length of ribbon threaded through the bias to make it adjustable. 

There was enough of the fabric left over to make an oven glove.

My little cook is very pleased with them!

In the near future I'll be making some curtains for the bed/playhouse which will hopefully turn out looking something like this or this!


  1. How lovely, your kitchen accessories are brilliant! Your little one is as cute as butter too!
    Kandi x

  2. aahh she looks so happy in her little house :-) The apron looks fab!