Monday, 19 July 2010

Making Technology Pretty!!

I wouldn't be without technology. My Macbook gives me my internet fix, my DSLR camera is my plaything and my TV provides me with episodes of Mad Men (which I'm loving at the moment)!

Now I have a hand-me-down iPhone thanks to Mr. P's need for the latest model! It's not the prettiest but most technology is fairly unattractive in my eyes, making an exception when it comes to one of these of course!

Of course I had to pretty my iPhone and who other than Cath Kidston would be the one to assist?!

Now isn't this nicer than a boring black phone?!

Even the inside is pretty! How wonderful.


  1. Oohh is it wrong to buy an Iphone just cause there is a CK cover for it, that is my current dilemma?
    Kandi x

  2. Ohh i would never put it down!! so pretty! xx