Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Back to the sewing machine

After a little while of staring lovingly at my fabric stash but not actually doing anything with it, I have finally got off my bum and made something! Nothing extravagant, just a few hearts as I felt my bedknobs were looking a bit naked.

These were my first real attempt at hearts so please don't look too closely. In fact if you could squint a bit and stand back from the screen that would make me feel much better! I will get more practise soon as the wardrobe door handles are getting a little jealous.

I collected this corner cupboard from ebay for £5 but now I have it I'm not sure I like it! Will have to see what it looks like painted. I have a variety of shades of cream to choose from (exciting)! If I still don't like it when it's painted I'll have to stick it back on ebay and look for a pine one which is what I really wanted.


  1. look forward to seeing what you do with the corner cupboard :O)

  2. Lovely hearts!! What a great stash of fabric you have!!
    I think the little corner cupboard would look lovely painted cream. You could rub away the paint on that top moulding to make it a feature. You'll have to post a pic!!

    Happy painting!

    Sharon xx