Friday, 20 November 2009

Two Pleased Girls!

Miss P was a happy little girl when I took a break from my Christmas crafting to make her some little nappies for her dollies. She even sat on my lap and 'helped' me make them!

I was also very pleased when I realised my local fabric shop has a range of pretty fat quarters. I know they are not good value for money compared to buying by the metre but it means I can afford to buy a selection of designs rather than just one.

So I bought these three Christmas designs. Just need to think of something to make with them! I love the one with the trees. The Michael Miller fabric on the right is from ebay and I bought it for bunting for my twin nephews. I just wanted to show it because it's so nice and I don't get to enjoy boys fabric much!

Apart from dolly nappies and Christmas presents, I have been making these decorations which will probably be some sort of garland. I have a few more to do first but these are ready to join my unusual gingerbread man. I am finding the hand sewing to be quite theraputic.

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  1. Goodness you have been so busy here , what a lovely lot of things you have !