Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I finally got around to altering the Cath Kidston curtain I bought from ebay which was left for so long mainly due to my lack of courage! The hems are far from perfect and they are slightly different lengths but I feel an enormous sense of pride every time I walk into the bedroom!

This is what the window looked like before. Please note the awful blinds were not my choice but the remains of the previous owner of the flat.

And now, much prettier. On the look out for a nice enamel jug for the window sill now.

Any ideas for hiding the hideous tv that Mr.P says we NEED in the bedroom (we never watch it)?!

When they are closed the room has a cosy blue glow.

As I had the camera in the bedroom thought I'd take a pic of my corner. Mr.P's corner is way too messy to show!


  1. They look gorgeous! I need to find some nice cheap curtains for my room, they make such a difference don't they?

  2. really gorgeous, they look ever so cosy :)

  3. They look really lovely! So much nicer than the blinds. As to the TV, just take it out! But then we don't have any TV's ;-)

  4. your curtains and corner are very pretty x

  5. Beautiful, well done, and remember perfection is not our goal, nothing of mine is ever perfect, prettiness is, and you are a very worth winner :)

    Beautiful, as is the pink candy stripe I can see peeking out in your shelves ;~)


  6. Oh I love the curtains...one of my all time fave CK prints..lovely!xx