Thursday, 21 January 2010

I am a little under the weather at the moment and feeling sorry for myself. I have had some medicinal tea and cake and rest in bed with library books full of pretties.

There has been a small amount of crafting with these felt magents. I had some ugly, naked chucks of metal holding up my calendar (which covers my ugly boiler in the kitchen) which look much prettier as a cupcake and a strawberry.


  1. Very cute indeed and a lovely little project. How did you get them attached to the metal magnet? Fabric glue? x

  2. Thank you. They are 2 pieces of felt sewn together and I put the magnet inside. Looks like they are attached by magic! :) xx

  3. Hello - pleased to meet you too!

    Hope your day resting has made you feel better... Cake should do the trick...

    Jars were from Jamie Oliver on line & very reasonable. Particularly taken with the dinky ones...

    Love Lydia xx

  4. Hope you are feeling better this week and thanks for popping over to my blogiversary post. Annie Lennox .... what a lady ..... I have short hair and always wanted the Annie Lennox look but mine is so thick that if it is cut too short I look like a hedgehog! I can remember There Must Be An Angel being played at my sister's wedding reception and she celebrates her 25th this summer ... I can't believe that track is that old already. x

  5. Hi,

    You've won my little giveaway over at 'Hearts and Dreams'. Please send me your address (via email) and I'll pop your goodies in the post.