Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowed in!

We haven't had as much as some of the country but enough so I don't want to leave the warmth of home. A perfect excuse to make something pretty!

The wall behind my bed is looking rather bare. Mr Pink promised he would hang some pretty floral wallpaper months ago but as I'm still waiting I thought I'd come up with a temporary solution. I had an old whiteboard in the kitchen, stuffed down the side of the boiler since there is no wall space left. Plus I have fabric left over from my CK curtains.

Together they made this noticeboard. Trouble is I don't want to put any 'notices' on it as it would cover the lovely pattern.

So here it is above the bed and it will stay naked!

It was very easy as I just covered the board with some wadding and the fabric and used spray adhesive to stick the fabric at the back. The ribbon is pinned so there was no sewing (or effort) involved!

I am really enjoying making these sock monkeys! Trouble is I have no one to make them for so we may end up with sock monkeys everywhere!


  1. Both brilliant creations. Love the monkey - can't you put them away for Christmas pressies? Or sell them to buy more stash and make more monkeys :D

  2. Great sock monkey! I have one I keep in my car, he sits in the back seat, he even wears a seatbelt :0)

  3. Love your sock monkey! Hope your noticeboard doesn't stay 'naked' for too long!

  4. Love the sock monkey, he is soo cute.
    Luv Sophie xxx