Monday, 22 February 2010

A More Organised Bag

Does anyone else suffer with this problem? This is what I edited from the contents of my bag post! My huge pile of receipts that swim around in my bag and jump into my hands when I am urgently looking for something else in there!

I needed a solution so I made this today. A handy little wallet especially for my receipts and those coupons I always forget I have.

Hopefully now I will be able to keep better track of what I'm spending and easily find a receipt if something needs returning.

Next on my list of things to do is making over this dresser unit from Miss. P's bedroom. Next month she will be getting a dolls house that I was given on my 7th birthday and I need to make space for it as it is around the same size as this! It is in my parents house at the moment and I was going to put this on ebay but think it may sell for more if 'Shabby Chic'd' first!

We don't have a lot of space as we live in a flat and I don't have that much time so if anyone knows of a quicker and easier (lazier) way to paint it without all the sanding and preparation please share the secret!


  1. LOVE the wallet, what a brilliant idea!
    Very pretty fabric too x

  2. Hi - the fabric wallet is such a good idea. As for the dresser, I have heard of (but not used) a product called ESP which I think stands for Easy Surface Preparation? I think that you paint it on and then paint straight over the top, without sanding. Please let us see the finished results.xx

  3. What a fab wallet - I normally stuff all my receipts in my purse and can't find a thing so this is a brill idea - thanks Mrs P! x

  4. what a fab recipts coupons etc were all hidden, well stuffed in my purse on my bag contents post

  5. Great idea, it looks so useful and so pretty.