Friday, 19 February 2010

There have been a few bloggers recently revealing the contents of their bags and the nosey side of me has been very grateful! Now I haven't been officially tagged or anything (please do not report me to the blog police) but I thought I would show mine too. Obviously this is an excuse to show off that a) I have this beautiful new bag and b) my husband is able to recognise a hint when he sees one!

So, in my bag I have 2 books. One I am reading and the other is a cute little ladybird book I got in a CS. The usuals, keys, phone, tissues, purse, passport (not that there is any chance of leaving the country in the near or distant future), cheque book, ibuprofen and medication. There is also some essential hand cream and selection of lip glosses. Batteries to be recycled and a tape measure because you never know when you might come across a bargainous piece of furniture! Miss P's sunglasses, a CK shopping bag and notepad and pens.

Yesterday I spent the day in retail therapy. First I picked up these jars I ordered from Tescos and I was impressed that Mr P didn't feel the need to moan about them being too girly for the kitchen!

I also bought a few bits in the CSs including this double flat sheet. I love the print, so pretty but there is no label on it so I have no idea where it was from originally. I'm undecided what to do with it yet but I'm thinking maybe cushions, a bag or pillowcases.

Miss P is a dedicated reader just like her mummy. I have left one side on her cotbed so it is a makeshift day bed which she loves sitting on with a pile of books to keep her company. I have been meaning to make some cushions for ages so it is more sofa-like in the daytime and finally got around to making these two.

It was reading this post from Mary Poppins that inspired me to get off my bum and do it. She is very talented and her blog is full of pretty things (and lots of pink)!!

Anyway, I was quite pleased with them for my first attempt at cushions. I have another two cushions waiting to be covered so I'm just looking for some fabric to go nicely with these.

Watch this space because I am gradually preparing for my first giveaway. I need to have everything ready before I do it to ensure I send it out quick enough after the draw as I am not known for my speed. I have a few bits ready so it wont be long now!


  1. What lovely cushion covers. We have decided to do that with our little ones cot too and we are buying a day bed for our eldest from Ikea (complete with princess net) so will be practising my cushion making very soon. Hope to have the same luck you have with your CH buys :o)

  2. Very pretty cushions. Looking forward to your give-away!xx

  3. oo love the jars you bought.. tescos have some fab things dont they...
    loving the cushions very pretty...good idea making the bed into a daybed aswell..


  4. Clap clap clap to Mr P for getting your Cath Kidston bag - it's divine. I do love those tesco jars - they look far too exclusive to be from tesco. I'm still partway through my first cushion cover and am stuck with what to do to close it (zip, envelope, flap, buttons...) Yours look so girly and cute - well done, Lucy x

  5. Pretty cushions! I love cushions, and have loads. OH doesnt have any at his house, he can't see the point!! Men, eh!!!!
    Great jars, I wonder if they do other accessories to match?

    sharon xx

  6. ooo pretty bag..i have that notebook xx