Friday, 12 February 2010

Scent With Love

I was lucky enough to be chosen in the giveaway over at Hearts and Dreams so I got a bit excited to see Postie carrying a parcel for me this morning! It had a lovely lavender aroma and it was so packed full of goodies I felt truly spoiled!

There were two lovely handmade cards and a gorgeous bag with a pretty heart sewn on.

A very colourful tea towel and some Sarah Smith cloths, perfect for making horrible cleaning almost bearable!

A teddy bear that Miss. P instantly grabbed and adores as it smells of lavender which she calls 'Fairy Stuff'. You know, that special stuff fairies make to help children sleep!

A lovely painted frame that will look perfect in my bedroom.

Some Cath Kidston Bath Powder. I am quite partial to a bit of CK (who isn't?!) and the bathroom is seriously lacking so this is a lovely addition. Will I be able to bring myself to use it though?!

I have no idea how she knew but this has taken place as my favourite chocolate since my mum introduced us! Luckily Miss. P saw it but seemed to think it was a record and not a bar of chocolate! Strange child!

The gorgeous lavender scent came from the hanging sachet which is now in my wardrobe and there was also a magazine perfect for flicking through with a cup of tea and a square (or ten) of chocolate!

Thank you Sian! It was such a lovely bunch of gifts to receive. 


  1. Lucky you - fantastic goodies galore!xx

  2. What a fabulous giveaway gift. So many different things in themselves but related to each other in other ways :o)