Friday, 26 March 2010

Blogging is Torture!

Through the wonderful world of Blog I have seen many a pretty item that I want but cannot have! Those lovely Primark bags but when I travelled a considerable distance to my (not very) nearest store, alas there were none.

And now the gorgeous Rosali in Ikea which I would love for my bed but I do not live near any Blue and Yellow stores! Could I, should I make a long trip for something when I may again come home empty handed?

We shall see!


  1. i'm going to norwich tomorrow - they had loads in primark there last week -shall I pick one up if they have one??
    I know how you feel - I live in the @rse end of nowhere!!!!
    cfeathers30 at aol dot com
    let me know - going in the afternoon xxx

  2. sorry you never managed to get a bag. There weren't many left in my local store when I managed to get mine.

    Rosali? Back in Ikea? Wonder what colour my nearest ikea is....