Friday, 19 March 2010

Happy Snapper!

Today I am a very happy girl indeed. When the postie arrives at my door holding a parcel he is a most welcome visitor but especially when it is an unexpected delivery. I was ready to make an accusing call to Mr. Pink at work for ordering things without consulting me (although I am the one guilty if this!) when I read the message on the delivery note. It was an incredibly generous gift from a family member completely out of the blue.

One of these.....

I do enjoy photography and have been coveting a DSLR for some time but there has always been something more sensible (boring) to spend our money on. Now I can surround myself with photography books, magazines and websites while I try to figure out what ISOs, Apertures and White balances are! I am already making notes of the lenses and accessories I will be saving for!

Obviously I had to try it out so got snapping with some of the goodies I bought in this shop. Some pretty fabrics.

And some lovely ribbon.

During the couple of hours I get to myself whilst Miss. P is at pre-school I often enjoy a child free stroll around the charity shops. It is lovely to be able to rummage without trying to stop a two year old from rummaging too! Yesterday I found these trousers made from Ikea CK Rosali. Unfortunately they are a bit faded but I think will look ok if used for smaller projects and I was pleased anyway as I'm always hoping to find some Rosali.


  1. Great pics - loving the depth of field. I recently did a morning's training on how to use my new camera and I'm still struggling to make sense of ISO, aperture and shutterspeed - it's fun practising though. Love seeing your charity shop finds too x

  2. Great photos - like you I feel tempted but always the money is needed elsewhere (plus I'm scared I won't be able to use it).

  3. Lucky you! What a great camera - and lovely ribbons too.

  4. Just stumbled across your blog, what pretty things there are to see here. Wow you have some fab family ! That camera is great, I have also been wanting one for some time after having a manual SLR that I no longer use , really must save save save :-)