Thursday, 22 April 2010



  1. Thats great. I love your sewing too. I would never attempt to stitch on T shirt material..very brave.
    I'm glad you enjoyed handwriting. I like the way you found it from someone else, who found it from someone else who found it from one of my blog readers.
    Nice to meet you.

  2. Fab customisation there! That butterfly is fab - how about a birdie on one of those t-shirts (sorry I have a bit of a birdie thing at the moment). Like the handwriting - know what you mean about computerising it, I often want to delete my handwritten words.

  3. Lovely post and very easy to read :-)

    I must borrow a copy of that book .... those T-shirts look great and ignore Mr Grannify .... my DD1 is the same whenever I come up with something. Friday tomorrow get ready for a great weekend x

  4. im so glad i found your delightful/pretty blog its really lovely ;0)x
    love the t'shirts!! great idea! ;0)x


  5. love the handwriting idea and love your t-shirts, they are super cute x