Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I have a new friend!

I won some money in a competition last week and chose to spend some of it on a new sewing machine.

The one I had was kindly donated by my mother in law and I've wanted to choose one of my own for some time but could never justify the expense when I already had one that worked perfectly well. Some unexpected cash was the perfect opportunity to treat myself.

It arrived this afternoon and I have had a little play around with it but thought I'd share my excitement before getting really stuck in. It has 40 different stitches to play with! What fun!


  1. Ooooh green with envy here. Enjoy!

  2. oohh it looks fab! congrats on your lovely new sewing machine - have fun :-)

  3. I have that machine and love it
    Have fun

  4. Oh - well done you. I too would love a new machine but it's so hard to justify....xx

  5. Yeah! fab machine, can't wait to see your makes